Our partners bring their varied & extensive operating backgrounds to every project.
Advice & Consulting

Strategic Reviews. This includes a multi-dimensional review of current strategies and an analysis of possible strategic changes. NxtStar is capable of dealing with both high-level issues and more difficult issues surrounding effective execution at the ground level.

Interim CEO Assignments. NxtStar partners provide a level of CEO expertise that is simply not available elsewhere for interim CEO positions. Typically, these assignments involve troubled companies (or divisions) that are in need of immediate actions to increase growth and cash flow, and often in need of management evaluation and a new strategy

Mergers and Acquisitions. CEOs and boards benefit from our partners’ objective, yet hands-on, experience involving purchase or sale transactions. Unlike the investment banking community who focuses primarily on transactions, we assist with the difficult issues and decisions that confront a CEO.

Strategic and Operational Projects. NxtStar is able to bring resources together in a way that can quickly jump start faltering projects . These projects frequently include the need for a strong change in management and new ideas.

Innovative Marketing Programs. NxtStar can help clients design leading-edge product and marketing programs that are connected to new, alternative distribution channels. If successful, the fulfillment can be outsourced.

Reinsurance. There are many business problems that can be solved through the creative use of reinsurance transactions and relationships. NxtStar's partners are well-experienced in all uses of reinsurance and are part of a large reinsurance network of providers.

Executive Mentoring. NxtStar provides mentoring services at all top management levels for companies that need an objective and outside view. Our partners often apply their operating experiences and company and distribution contacts, while serving as a sounding board for the executive.

Arbitration and Expert Witness Assignments. Due to their understanding of the very narrow and complicated issues of financial services, NxtStar partners frequently engage in assignments requiring negotiation, arbitration, and expert witnessing.


Start-Ups. NxtStar will help entrepreneurs develop business plans, assemble management teams, and provide other capabilities, including manufacturing or distribution partners for new businesses.

Existing Companies. In some cases, an existing company has a longer-term strategic need for a new business line or initiative, but is unable to build that capability currently, due to short-term considerations. NxtStar will build the capability as a separate business, usually funded by private equity firms, enabling the client to later purchase the business.

• Acquisitions. NxtStar will participate in the acquisition of existing businesses that need new initiatives and ideas to dramatically fuel growth in revenues and profits. Typically, NxtStar continues to play a management or active board role in these ventures.