Our partners' collective experiences give NxtStar the credibility to work on a wide range of assignments.
The following are a few examples of our assignments:

NxtStar was hired by a client who had developed a dot.com business plan for the marketing of insurance-related products. NxtStar reshaped the plan into a clicks and mortar strategy, which enabled the client to utilize existing distribution relationships and to partner with existing companies. This enriched our client’s story and resulted in a smaller capital requirement.

• During a transition of its U.S. operations, an international insurer asked a NxtStar partner to provide interim CEO services and a new management strategy. The management hierarchy was flattened, the strategy was implemented, and a permanent CEO was hired using a new profile. Within the year, a four year decrease in sales was turned around to profitable sales growth of over 100%.

• A large global financial institution started a reinsurance operation. Two NxtStar partners helped position the client’s unique concepts and to establish a new sales campaign.

• Two CEOs of successful companies wished to merge. Support for this was soft, at both the board and management team levels. NxtStar was hired to make the case for the merger and to develop a vision for the combined operation that would garner support and enthusiasm from the various stakeholders. NxtStar also helped the CEOs deal with all of the major issues, so that, by the time of the merger’s approval, most of the operating questions had already been answered.

• A start-up distribution company was struggling to execute effectively. A NxtStar partner was brought in as interim CEO to implement new financial and business processes. Within four months, the company was functioning smoothly, had a new short-term game plan, and a permanent CEO.

A major life insurer had identified, as a strategic option, the marketing of their current products through a new distribution channel with which they had no experience. NxtStar analyzed the distribution channel and identified pivot points from which the new strategy could be launched using existing capabilities.

• A national insurance distribution company focusing on life insurance wished to enter a new line of business in a material way. NxtStar developed a realistic strategy by analyzing current capabilities, recommending attractive market segments, and identifying the key factors that would make the initiative successful. NxtStar not only provided the strategy, but it also introduced the distribution company to both product manufacturer and distribution partners.